What it’s all about…

This blog is about guns and some of the things that I build for other people. Since I’m an 07/02 SOT, I get to build some off the wall stuff. My main focus of the business is custom built rifles and such, but I’ve been known to make some short barreled shotguns and rifles from time to time. I do sell suppressors and enjoy the lack of noise when shooting, so some of what you see here will include suppressors and suppressed stuff. I do a lot of reloading and I may do some articles on that to.

I’ve been making things since I went to vocational school in high school, continued on in the Navy, then migrated to a Nuclear Power Plant where I’ve been making weird looking stuff that is only useful at a Nuclear Plant for the last 30+ years.

I’ve got a small shop behind my house, where I get to make cool things to shoot. In my spare time I’m an Arkansas CHL Instructor, and a part-time Deputy Marshal for a small town close by. As for the Marshal stuff, it gives me a fairly unique perspective on the human race and in that job you can go from a state of boredom to sheer terror in just a few seconds. The best time to be a Deputy so far seems to be on a hot summer night, with a full moon, on a payday.

If you like what you see here or would like to see an article about something, leave a comment. If it’s an interesting project or something out of the norm, I might just write something about it.

2 Responses to What it’s all about…

  1. Keith says:

    How does one contact you if they would like a quote?

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