The Kimber .22

A friend of mine asked if I could do something for his Kimber Custom .22. in the way of mounting a suppressor to it. He had looked everywhere on the Internet and there just isn’t anyone making any threaded barrels for the Kimber. After a call to Kimber to see if they did in fact have one, they let me know that they did not have any and they didn’t plan on making any. So, I did some research on the subject and saw that there were a couple of ways to deal with that, that several people have done.

After a bit of thought, I figured out how to do it. It’s not hard, but I did want the fit-up to be flawless in execution and that was somewhat problematic according to some of the accounts that I read, so I knew I had to be careful in how I went about it. I made a barrel extension, machined it to the same outer diameter as the barrel and gave it a bit of length to accommodate different suppressors. As it turns out, it was flawless in operation, no failures to feed, extract and it appears to be pretty accurate.

Here are a few pictures.
This one shows the extension threaded to the barrel.
The threaded barrel

Here’s a closeup of the extension in the slide.

Barrel inserted into slide.

Barrel inserted into slide.

Here’s a picture of the gun.

Showing how it fits.

Showing how it fits.

Last but not least…the suppressed Kimber .22. I think it came out better than I expected. What do you think?

The Suppressed Kimber

That Kimber .22 is a fine shooter. Its light, accurate and the predominate sound when using CCI Standard is the slide clack and the thump of the bullet.

About Bob

I'm a retired Machinist. I worked at the local Nuclear Plant making tools and things. I also have an 07 FFL as well as an 02 SOT, which allows me to build some cool stuff. I'm a part time Deputy Marshal for a small town close by, it keeps the adrenaline flowing once in a while. I sell suppressor's, do custom rifle builds and some totally off the wall stuff.
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