Another Suppressed .22

Here’s one that I built that was just too good to not show.
Its a bit different than most, having a scope on it. I actually built it for someone else that saw mine, and naturally I had to test fire it to make sure that it was 100 percent. You would think that that short 2″ barrel would have a hard time cycling but in actually does great with CCI standard or subsonic ammo and its surprisingly accurate with that scope and a good rest.

Best thing is…its fun to shoot. This has to be the greatest “neighborhood gun” there is…you know, for those quiet shots for critters in the trash can when you don’t want to wake everyone up.

Stacys Gun C

Its a Ruger 22/45 with a Huntertown Arms can on it. Its as quiet as an integral and its not any longer, but it has the added advantage of being able to screw off and attached to another gun. Its the best of both worlds really.

About Bob

I'm a retired Machinist. I worked at the local Nuclear Plant making tools and things. I also have an 07 FFL as well as an 02 SOT, which allows me to build some cool stuff. I'm a part time Deputy Marshal for a small town close by, it keeps the adrenaline flowing once in a while. I sell suppressor's, do custom rifle builds and some totally off the wall stuff.
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2 Responses to Another Suppressed .22

  1. jose says:

    Hi! I was looking at all this amazing suppressed guns in the formum… and I was wondering if is it possible to thread the standard barrel of a beretta 92fs to attach a suppressor ( since the factory barrel already extends pas the end of the slide)- Is it safe to do this? Thank you and have a nice day!

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