The Integrally Suppressed, User Servicable .300 Blackout

Well, I did something that I’ve been wanting to do…build an integrally suppressed rifle.

 A local cop contacted me about the possibility of building him an integrally suppressed Blackout on a Savage 110 frame. He had bought one of the Savage “HogHunters” and wondered if I could chamber it in the Blackout. Since it was a .223, it was a simple matter of unscrewing the barrel nut and removing the barrel. I rebarreled and chambered it using a match grade Shilen barrel with a 1/8 twist so that 220 grain bullets could be used and stabilized effectively.

After cutting the barrel to the needed length, I affixed a piece of aluminum tubing over the barrel. I used stainless steel baffles from a popular Silencer Manufacturer that must remain anonymous as part of the agreement to let me use them. These baffles interlock together so that the normal carbon fouling and powder residue wont foul them and the barrel and make them difficult to remove.

I settled on a barrel length of 18″ because of the balance. Most integrals are notoriously front heavy and shooting one is about as ergonomic as placing a 4×4 post to your shoulder. Sixteen inches was just too short. Twenty inches wasn’t bad, but for hunting in a tree stand, shorter is better. 

After I got it all put together, I sent it off to “Camo Solutions” here in Arkansas. I told the owner (Don Mullins) to pick out a pattern that he thought would look good. When it came back a few weeks later, I was very pleased with the outcome. Don has an eye for detail, and his work is head and shoulders about the rest. After using a couple of local shops, I wasn’t impressed. From here on out, whenever I need something dipped, Don’s the man.

Putting it to the test, it actually exceeded my wildest expectations. Sporting the new Nikon 300 scope which seemed a natural for this gun, it is amazingly accurate, piling the bullets right on top of each other. As for sound…better than I had hoped for. It sounds about like a pellet gun. To Illustrate how quiet it is in real terms, I was visited by an Aunt and Uncle from Mississippi. As my wife and Aunt were sitting in the next room, the conversation of guns came up. I showed my Uncle what I had built and he was intrigued. When he asked just how quiet it was, I showed him. I stepped out on the front porch and launched a bullet at my target berm. The Ladies were only about 8 feet away in the next room and they never even looked up. My uncle couldn’t believe it. He exclaimed rather excitedly that he owned pellet guns that were louder.

The more I play with this thing the more I’m gonna hate to see it go. I’ve already shown it to its owner, once we wiped the slobber off of the gun, he told me that he is already thinking about another. He was pleased with the outcome as I was. So much so that I am seriously contemplating building another, for myself.

So, check out the pictures. It’s wearing the Real Tree “Tree Stand” camo. It looks good, shoots good and is quiet, What more could you ask for?Integrally Suppressed User Serviceable Savage 110

About Bob

I'm a retired Machinist. I worked at the local Nuclear Plant making tools and things. I also have an 07 FFL as well as an 02 SOT, which allows me to build some cool stuff. I'm a part time Deputy Marshal for a small town close by, it keeps the adrenaline flowing once in a while. I sell suppressor's, do custom rifle builds and some totally off the wall stuff.
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