More ammo devolopment for the .50 HushPuppy

Today I shot the .50 a couple of dozen times. Deer season here in Arkansas opens this week and if it’s at all possible, I’d like to see how this thing would work on a deer…although I have a fairly good idea of what it ought to do.

I was pretty much settled on using 12.5 grains of Trail Boss. Load density was pretty tight, being a somewhat compressed load and the case bulged just a bit. It wasn’t really a problem other than being cosmetic, but it’s the principal of the thing really. I just hate to see a round in any caliber look less than perfect. Dropping the charge to just 12.3 grains seems to help that a bunch as the cases looked much better.

That big lead bullet whacks the target with some authority. There is no doubt left to ones imagination as to whether they hit the target or not. Also, the nice round half-inch holes can easily be seen in the target even at 50 yards making it easy to make adjustments if need be.

Groups were a bit high at first, so I brought them down a bit and after some tinkering with the adjustments, it appears that we are good to go.

Right now this beast is a single shot. The company (Delta Company Arms LLC) is having a  floor plate manufactured that will allow one to use standard AR magazines. I’m not quite sure how many at this point, because I am still waiting on it to get here. It’s a novel idea though, even the magazine held say…10 rounds, 10 rounds of .50 caliber 500+ grain bullets are nothing to snort at…unless of course you happen to be a hog on the other end of it.

I’m about ready to clean out the suppressor, Dura Coat it and get it engraved.

Heres a target that I shot today from a rather rickety bench, using a bench rest with a partly deflated sand bag, which somehow managed to develope a hole right where it doesnt need to be. It’s always something it seems. I think that man is doomed to having seemingly simple things turn into major problems and it probably started when Eve bit into that apple or whatever it was that no one was supposed to touch.

Anyhow…here’s a target.



By the way…there are six shots in there.

About Bob

I'm a retired Machinist. I worked at the local Nuclear Plant making tools and things. I also have an 07 FFL as well as an 02 SOT, which allows me to build some cool stuff. I'm a part time Deputy Marshal for a small town close by, it keeps the adrenaline flowing once in a while. I sell suppressor's, do custom rifle builds and some totally off the wall stuff.
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3 Responses to More ammo devolopment for the .50 HushPuppy

  1. Bob, I have a 50 HP being built for me, and I need to get my hands on some dies, components and load data. I haven’t been able to get in communication with Delta Company Arms, so I searched the web and found you. Perhaps you could steer me in the right direction.

    I’d appreciate the assistance,

    • Bob says:

      We used a 7mm Short Mag dies on a cutdown 7WSM case. We used a 515 grain mold, I’m not sure which as Aaron from DCA provided me with the cast bullets. I used TrailBoss because it filled the case and allowed for consistent ignition…with a 14 grain powder charge that varied up and down a few grains. Accuracy was good as well as suppression on the can.

  2. So you don’t need an expander ball for sizing? You just size the outside of the trimmed case, and then add primer, powder, and stuff the bullet in using a regular 7mmWSM seating die? I suppose that would work just fine. I guess I should get a single stage press to load these “puppies”.

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